Workpackages (WP)

The various project activities

WP 1 : Project management and coordination 

Responsible: Bernard Quéguiner, MIO

Bernard Quéguiner ensures the commitment of his and the partners’ institutions. General decisions concerning the project will are taken at consortium meetings. These regular meetings involving all the partners, monitor the progress of the project, decide on the risks taken by a scientific choice and guide future work accordingly. Next meeting is planned at the Muséum d’Histoire Naturelle in Paris, 14-15 May 2019.

WP 2 : Chief Scientist 

Responsible: Ingrid Obernosterer, LOMIC

Ingrid Obernosterer organizes pre-cruise meetings with the project members and she is responsible for the logistics associated to the oceanographic cruise, in particular the organization of the expedition of the scientific material and samples. She coordinates all operations at sea and contributes to the public outreach activities. Following the oceanographic cruise, she set up the complete cruise database and coordinates regular updates with validated results in close link with all WPs.


WP 3 : Biogeochemical parameters and carbon export

Responsible: Stéphane Blain, LOMIC

Stéphane Blain is in charge of all biogeochemical parameters obtained by discrete sampling, in situ and satellite-derived observations. He is responsible for all CTD data, the seawater collection and analyses of dissolved oxygen, major inorganic nutrients, dissolved and particulate organic C, N, and P, biominerals, and pigments.

Partners: LOMIC, MIO, LOV, LEMAR, Shanghai Jiao Tong University


On board

  • Audrey Gueneugues and Olivier Crispi (LOMIC)
  • Nagib Baihry (MIO)
  • Céline Dimier (LOV)
  • Frédéric Planchon et Marine Remize (LEMAR)
  • Meng Zou, Yiwu Zhu and Congwen Shan (Shanghai Jiao Tong University)

Ground collaborators

  • Philippe Catala and Barbara Marie (LOMIC)
  • Julia Uitz and Lionel Guidi (LOV)

WP 4 : C cycling and diversity-function of prokaryotes

Responsible: Ingrid Obernosterer, LOMIC, and Urania Christaki, LOG

Ingrid Obernosterer and Urania Christaki are in charge of the sampling strategy, of the determination of prokaryotic production and respiration, and of the diversity analysis, including microscopic observations (MICRO-CARD-FISH) and next generation sequencing (NGS; 16S rRNA gene, metagenomics, metatranscriptomics), metaproteomics and the data processing.

Partners: LOMIC, LOG, University of Vienna

On board

  • Pavla Debeljak and Yan Liu (LOMIC)
  • Thomas Reinthaler, Eva Sintes, Chie Amano, Barbara Bayer and Meriel Bittner (Univ of Vienna)

Ground collaborator

  • Gerhard J. Herndl (University of Vienna)

WP 5 : C cycling and diversity-function of microbial eukaryotes

Responsible: Urania Christaki, LOG and Karine Leblanc, MIO

Urania Christaki and Karine Leblanc are responsible for the in situ sampling strategy, the determination of associated C-fluxes and of the taxonomic identification based on microscopic observation and NGS (18S rRNA gene; -omics- techniques) and data processing.

Partners: LOG, MIO, ESE


On board

Ground collaborators

  • Justine Legras (MIO)
  • Sébastien Monchy (LOG)
  • Luc Beaufort, Jean-Charles Mazur (CEREGE)

WP 6 : C cycling and diversity-function of zooplankton and metazoans

Responsible: Cédric Cotté, LOCEAN & Alice delegrange, LOG

Cedric Cotté and Alice Delegrange coordinate the sampling strategy, the biomass and taxonomic identification of the organisms and their grazing activity (diets, rates), based on experimental approaches and observations on collected materiel (gut contents, stable isotope analyses δ15N and δ13C) and data processing.

Partners: LOCEAN, LOG, CEBC, University of British Columbia, BOREA, LEMAR, Ifremer


On board

  • Yves Cherel (CEBC)
  • Clara Peron and Anna Conchon (LOCEAN)
  • Jérémie Habasque (LEMAR)
  • Ingrid Sassenhagen (LOG)
  •  Coco Koedooder (LOMIC)
  • Natasha Henschke, Marina Espinasse and Boris Espinasse (Univ of British Columbia)

Ground collaborators

  • Christophe Guinet (CEBC)
  • Evgeny Pakomov and Brian Hunt (University of British Columbia)
  • Elsa Breton (LOG)
  • Guy Duhamel (BOREA)
  • Gildas Roudaut (LEMAR)
  • Elvire Antajan (Ifremer)

WP 7: C cycling and end-to-end food web characterization

Responsible: Bernard Quéguiner, MIO

Bernard Quéguiner coordinates the timely production and validation of the results described above in the individual WPs. He will compile and prepare all data for the different approaches to be used to provide synthetic views of the end-to-end food web characterization in relation to C fluxes.

Partners: LOMIC, LOCEAN, LOG, CEBC, ESE, CEREGE, University of British Columbia, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, University of Vienna, LOV, BOREA, LEMAR, Ifremer

Ground collaborator:

  • David Nerini  (MIO)
  • Blanche Saint-Béat (TAKUVIK)