MOBYDICK at IMBER Future Oceans 2 Open Science Conference

The MOBYDICK’s scientific team distinguished itself at the latest IMBER (Future Oceans 2) conference held in Brest (France, 17-21 June 2019) with no less than 8 oral communications and a poster. In addition, a special session “The multiple pathways of the biological carbon pump: current understanding and future challenges” was co-conviened by two members of the MOBYDICK team.

  • Pelagic ecosystem functioning in the vicinity of the Kerguelen Islands (Southern Ocean): Towards an end-to-end approach (Qguiner B., I. Obernosterer, S. Blain, U. Christaki, K. Leblanc, C. Cotté, A. Delegrange, Y. Cherel, C. Guinet, M. Zhou, B.P.V. Hunt, E.A. Pakhomov, F. Planchon)
  • Diversity and contribution of pico- and nano-phytoplankton to the carbon uptake in contrasted areas of the Austral ocean (Irion S., H. Berthelot, I. Sassenhagen,  L. Jardillier, U. Christaki)
  • Nature of the deep water particle stocks following the phytoplankton bloom at the end of summer around the Kerguelen Plateau (MOBYDICK cruise 2018) (Leblanc K., A. Lafond, V. Cornet, J. Legras, B. Quéguiner)
  • Polyunsaturated fatty acids content and production in the Southern Ocean: a case study in the Kerguelen Island region (MOBYDICK survey) (Remize M., P. Soudant, F. Planchon, A.N. Loh, F. Le Grand, A. Bideau)
  • Diatom assemblage structure during a late summer bloom around the Kerguelen Plateau (MOBYDICK) (Lafond A., K. Leblanc, V. Cornet, J. Legras, B. Quéguiner)
  • Estimating food chain length and trophic transfer efficiency across contrasting productivity regimes in the Kerguelen region (Espinasse B., B.P.V. Hunt, E.A. Pakhomov, N. Henschke, Y. Cherel, C. Cotté, A. Delegrange, F. Planchon)
  • Protist communities and biotic interactions in the Southern Ocean (Sassenhagen I., S. Irion, L. Jardillier, U. Christaki)
  • Particle size, particle flux, and plankton images from the UVP (Guidi L., F. Lombard, S. Blain)
  • Microbial utilization of organic matter in the Southern Ocean as revealed by metaproteomics (Debeljak P., B. Bayer, I. Obernosterer, G.J. Herndl)
First exciting MOBYDICK results at the IMBER conference in Brest

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