Life on board – Part 1 …

It’s been now two weeks since NO Marion Dufresne left La Réunion. The life of the scientists was quickly organized on board and the team has settled into a comfortable routine, sometimes interrupted by the expectation of better weather conditions. As soon as the pelagic trawl is up, the “nekton and zooplankton” team is involved in sorting the many organisms harvested, first in a container located on the back beach and then, warmer, in one of the laboratories set up for them.

Frenzy of sorting and counting
after return of the pelagic trawl …

In the biogeochemistry laboratory, others are engaged in dissolved oxygen measurements that will make it possible to estimate the productivity of Antarctic waters, while the observation of microscopic organisms (bacteria, phytoplankton and microzooplankton) continues nearby.

… and always in a fun ...
... and relaxed way!

Which does not exclude a few moments of sports relaxation in between intense scientific activities

Fierce badminton game in the forward hold of RV Marion Dufresne!

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